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Every Classroom Matters: Creative Approaches to Teaching Stem at the Elementary Level.

I had an incredible conversation with Kevin Jarrett and Jeremy Ervin about Kevin’s STEM lab. He’s taken an elementary computer lab and turned in into a STEM classroom where kids from kindergarten up learn Engineering, Math, science, and Technology. It is a fantastic model and I’m so impressed with what he’s doing. Hope you’ll take a listen and share.
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Tips and strategies a plenty - Fab podcast by…

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The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content

Excellent article with so many ways that you can create and recreate content via the ever popular Buffer blog - a must read for bloggers.

Take the blog posts and things you share here on Tumblr and repurpose them to make them more useful. Turn them into ebooks or expand on something you’ve written before. The thing about Tumblr or any blogging platform is you’ve got a built in litmus test for what resonates and people think are important.

The Buffer blog is a must read for anyone serious about blogging.

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Need advice on gif making from Tumblr pros

OK, I have gif envy and really want to know how some of you pros out there make these really cool gifs. What are the apps and tools that you use? If you want to message me links to your posts or just reply to this, it would be awesomely helpful for those of us missing out on some of the coolness we could be enjoying by sharing using gifs.

Thanks. Teach this teacher - I’d like to teach my students.

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Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - home page

The WAI from the W3C continues. If you wish to have input on web accessiblity guidelines, you have until December 16. This is very important and many educators are some of the best with these issues. I hope some of our proficient accessibility experts have already reviewed or will review and comment.

"For Review: User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 2.0 Last Call Working Draft
Calling all developers of browsers, media players, and web applications — and anyone interested in web accessibility: Now is the time for you to review UAAG 2.0 — we published the Last Call Working Draft today. UAAG defines how browsers and other “user agents” should support accessibility for people with disabilities and work with assistive technologies. It is introduced in the UAAG Overview. Please send comments by 16 December 2013”

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While most teachers will not understand what this means, an API is something that lets other websites interact with a main website. OpenEd has released an API to allow others to interact with their resources and find things based on standards or keywords. What this means is that OpenEd is going to be a very useful tool for all of education in the future because of this technological tool. It also means that if you’re developing for a state or for an organization that provides educational resources, you should tap into this for a huge repository of almost a quarter of a million standards aligned resources that your teachers can search. This is great news.

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Common Core Academies | Digital textbooks and standards-aligned educational resources

Through the end of the year, Discovery just sent me a note that they are offering these three common core academies at no cost. Here’s the info from Steve Dembo. I’ve done some work with their SIEMENS STEM Academy and am a sTAR Educator and everything they do is top notch. If you can work it out before the end of the year, this is something you’ll want to do.

From Steve Dembo:
“We know that implementing the Common Core can be an uphill climb.

That’s why Discovery Education is proud to partner with educators to offer Common Core Academies in ELA, Math, and Leadership at no cost.

From now until the end of the school year, educators across America are invited to sign up for an Academy and receive:
practical strategies to implement CCSS
reseach-based instructional practices
best practices in using digital content
resources and digital tools for immediate classroom integration
Discovery Education Common Core Academies offer one day of immersive professional development and two follow-up virtual sessions at no cost to support educators and leaders in effectively implementing the Common Core State Standards.

Educators may choose from three Academies offering a unique combination that brings together best practices in digital integration with proven research-based instructional practices:

Literacy and the Common Core in a Digital World
Teaching and Assessing Common Core Math in a Digital World
Leadership Strategies to Support Digital Literacy and the Common Core”

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