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An early look at tools for EARTHWORKS | HASTAC

Love the idea of interactive badges. This is a fascinating idea that is part of the open badge movement. This article from Earth works describes the concept and gives a mock up.

Yong Zhao from the University of Oregon talks about eventually having a system of “microcredits” where you earn small credits for small, discrete things you learn. I see all of these as coming together as part of that shift. School credits and PLU’s and CEU’s will eventually no longer be in 10 hour increments or hour increments in semesters. The idea of microcredits and badges is evolving and will fundamentally change how we do education. Of course, there are higher order things we teach like thinking that can’t be quantified in a badge or something like this and that, as with our testing focus, is where we will likely get in trouble. The commoditization of knowledge and information is likely but some things do require interaction.

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