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Free BrainPop Videos - (via @tesresources ) on Antibullying and Antismoking as well as others.

Brainpop is a partner with TES out of the UK (that I write about all the time) here are some resources from them linked from the website.  IF you love brainpop, you’ll want to go here to access and share the free resources. The two most popular right now are a movie/ quiz/ and activity about smoking and another one on probability. They also have some bullying resources that you may want to integrate.

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OER Rubrics and Evaluation Tool |

This tool helps you evaluate Open education tools to see how they align to Common Core  state standards. By using this rubric, you can demonstrate how resources that are free can be integrated into your curriculum. There are 7 of the 8 already created. IF you want to save money while you align standards you must share this with your curriculum directors and administrators. Use this as an opportunity to increase quality AND save money (that is a win for everyone.)

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When Teachers Demand to be Co-creators, not Consumers - EdTechResearcher - Education Week

Excellent article by Justin Reich sums up much of conversation happening here at Harvard University this week about Open Education.

The richest exchanges on day two of the Hewlett Open Educational Resources Grantee Meeting came from those who challenged the fundamental premises of the meeting. In designing the meeting, Berkman staff imagined three groups: Learners, Facilitators (teachers, librarians, coaches, educators, etc.), and Builders. They assumed a kind of “supply and demand” model of OER where builders create stuff and distribute it to learners, sometimes through the mediation of facilitators (wholesalers, I guess?). 

But the entrepreneurial educators in the audience, from Joi Ito of the MIT Media Lab, to Vicki Davis of Flat Classroom, to Jon Bergmann of the Flipped Classroom movement cried foul. “We don’t want to be the recipients of your pre-packaged learning objects,” they declared (I’m paraphrasing), “we want to be partners—along with our students—in co-creating the learning experience.”“

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