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Life Noted #ipadchat

This app is Life Noted and merges camera, video, notetaking and more. It was recommended to me as a notetaking/ capturing tool for observation in the classroom by teachers of students, but I think that anyone evaluating another person might benefit from this sort of tool. Capture your notes and the speech about the notes and share it. Very interesting idea. It is free right now.

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The App | Outlines Outloud

This app converts study notes to speech. This might be an app that some of you are interested in trying out for your special needs students. “OutlinesOutloud takes the sting out of studying by converting your study outlines to spoken audio. Super-flexible playback controls let you vary speech rate; jump forward and backward with ease, skip rows or whole sections, loop—and more!”

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Top 10 Adobe Flash Players for the new iPad 3

One of the concerns about ipads is the inability to use flash or javascript. This can be done. Here are the top 10 flash players. If you limit down to those that can do Flash AND java - the options are a bit pricey - Cloud Browse does both but only lets you have 10 minute browsing sessions. Virtual Firefox ($4.99) and Virtual Browser for Chrome (19.99) each can allow Java and Flash and also bookmark/sync services with your desktop browser (5.99 and .99 respectively.) This may be a tad expensive but show it can be done. The highest rated is virtual browser for chrome. I think the chrome browser is a tad pricey. You do have to be 17 to download these apps, I guess because you can use them to access video. 

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The 50 best apps for children | Technology | The Observer

This is an interesting, creative list of apps including apple and Android apps and the price. I thought there were some interesting ideas here. I still feel the “cute” factor is part of evaluation as no serious evaluation mechanism has emerged for reviwing apps.

This list of 50 apps is a good one to read for those of you who have a Droid or iOS device and love looking at apps.

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7 Apps You Don't Want To Miss [PICS] #edapp

Nice list of apps from Mashable. There are two of interest to me: pair (which links me with my husbandin a private network of sorts for list sharing, etc) and also Wonders of the Universe (another planetary exploration mind experience.) You’ll want to go through this list. Also of note, a new video conferencing ipad enabled app that lets you share video, etc. The collaborative conferencing programs out there need to understand that we need ipad-friendly apps, period. No choices, do it and do it now or we will find other platforms to collaborate.

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