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Research Study about the Use of Sound with eBooks #literacy

Yes, this study was funded by Booktrack (a 2011 study), however, I find that the information is fascinating. By setting sound tracks of different mood music, this study showed:

*Virtually all subjects performed moderately to significantly better on information retention tests.

* Subjects reported a strong correlation with interacting with the enhanced platform and an ability to focus.

There are other results on this, but I find this fascinating and find this a very interesting point to consider as ebooks evolve. Will ebook authors attach music to different pages? Will reading become more cinematic and theatrical? All kinds of interesting thoughts here.

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4 notes & Customer Discussions: How do I view "real" page numbers on my Kindle books?

There continues to be a problem that not all books in the Amazon kindle store have real page numbers. If students are expected to cite sources and not allowed to use location numbers, then Amazon can expect the pushback seen on this forum post. Meanwhile, a helpful person on the forum has noted how you can know what to read on the Kindle if your professor or teacher says “read page 80-92” - you can dive into the table of contents on the website and save a copy. This is the only solution. It is time for Amazon to get their act together and have all Kindle ebooks display page numbers if there is a printed copy of the book. If there is not a printed copy of the book, there needs to be a consistent reference point or “page” that all can use for sourcing and citing content.

"1. Look up the book in the in the Amazon Kindle store (where you purchased it).

2. Click on the book where it says “Look Inside.” You want to look at the table of contents, which will have the pages numbers for each chapter.

3. It defaults to the “kindle edition,” which does not have the page numbers in the table of contents. However, there is a tab above that says “Print Book.” Click on that.

4. Once you’re on the “Print Book” display, it shows the page numbers in the TOC.

By doing the above, I was able to determine that “the first 26 pages” = Chapters 1 & 2. I used Evernote to take a screen capture of the entire TOC, which I’ll refer back to.”

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Kindle Education

Some rules have changed as I’ve been reading up on having Kindles at schools. (Back in February I read a spate of posts mentioning that Amazon said that having 6 kindles share one account was just for “personal use” and that libraries can’t do it.) But Amazon does have information on Whispercast which lets you handle distributing books. It is a “free self-service online tool” and I’m thinking that it is something we need to be using. It looks like you can also distribute many of the free ebooks onto Kindles. 

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How to Create a QR to an iBook - Snapguide

Here’s a snapguide for how to create a QR code to an ibook. This would let you put a link in a slide or on a page that would immediately take one to an ibook. (You can do this for kindle books too but would just use the URL as you can’t buy inside the Kindle app on the ipad because Amazon and Apple couldn’t come to terms on Apple’s cut. You can just go to the Amazon webpage for the kindle and when it opens in safari, a person can buy and download from there.)

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E-Ink on a Smartphone? This Android Phone Has 2 Displays

e-ink on one side and a full display on the other — Yota phone — that’s right Yota will use the force its close namesake Yoda would watch with curiousity. We are moving to devices with dual displays and even different types of displays. What if an iPad was a kindle paperwhite-like display on one side for reading - a lower power requirement with an HD power-sucking display on the reverse side? Interesting. this review from Mashable talks about the Yota phone which is a fascinating thought.

Either way — e-ink is in the future for schools, don’t doubt it for a moment. Librarians should be considering how students will be able to check out books on their edevices for many reasons including the inevitability of the demand. I was just talking today with a teacher talking about how Learning Ally, a company contracting to provide service for the US government talking books program, is so much better as an app on the ipad.

Harbinger of things to come.

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Here’s Where You Can Buy the New Kobo eReaders in the US

The Kobo is a new ebook reader on the block by indie book sellers and other small chain stores (I read this weekend that Family Christian Bookstores are going to be selling the device.) The shift to ebooks is going to happen everywhere - my husband and I were wondering just yesterday how long Lifeway is going to publish paper Sunday School books — it makes more sense to release as a PDF, but then, you’re looking at a significant mark up and a whole new model which I think many companies who sell such subscriptions (i.e. weekly reader, local newspapers selling smaller versions for students) aren’t ready for.

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Write Now 1000 - Kids Writing for Kids

Can one school publish 1000 books? Students can be publishers. Of course, I would ask and question if these books are being done well, but does it have to be done well? In the end, I guess ratings, etc. will help some rise to the top — sort of like YouTube but I wonder if the ratings system in place in iBooks or Amazon will allow such things to really happen as not everyone really writes reviews. I think writing reviews of book should be as simple as it is to write a review of an app — but one thing is for sure, the person should be confirmed to own a book before writing a review — that can be done with ebooks. Interesting idea and one for composition and writing teachers to consider (and this can be in tandem with art courses as a cross curricular.)

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Believe it or not, Generation Y might just be the most bibliophilic generation alive, according to a new consumer study. Gen Y – those born between 1979 and 1989 – spent the most money on books in 2011, knocking the longtime book-buying leaders, baby boomers, from the top spot, according to the 2012 U.S. Book Consumer Demographics and Buying Behaviors Annual Review.
Gen Y: the most book-loving generation alive? - (via futuristgerd)

They’re not dumb. They’re misunderstood! This generation loves to READ. If they are hard to educate, perhaps it is because education has issues.

(via emergentfutures)

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Amazon's new Kindles: Everything you need to know (FAQ) | Tablets - CNET Reviews

Lots of Kindle options now including the new Kindle paperwhite are shared in this rundown post from cnet - the best I found today on the topic. eBooks are here to stay. Textbook companies can wake up or be left in the wake of an epaper revolution that is shredding the traditional book publishing industry. We’ve yet to see a great interactive textbook but that is coming.

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Kids Corner At Kindle Nation Daily Student Reporter Reviews WHEN IT HAPPENS by Susane Colasanti ... And The Verdict Is In: “If you are into books that are relatable and realistic, as well as amazingly written, you will love it.” | Kindle Kids' Corner

I have a student, Merritt, who loves to read. Her project this past school year was to rekindle our school’s involvement in the Kindle kids corner and she loves writing the reviews. My friend, Stephen Windwalker (the blogger behind Kindle Nation Daily) is letting her write on her own over the summer and I appreciate it so much.

If you have children who have the kindle app or an iPad, you’ll want to help them subscribe to this ebook review website. You could also have them write a review as part of their summer work and submit it on the website for inclusion on the blog!

This particular book, When it Happens, by Susane Colasanti is written by one of Merritt’s favorite authors and intrigues me to wonder if other girls are enjoying this author.

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