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I love my wemo in the den that turns on my light at 5am. It uses to turn off the lamp when it sees at school (triggered by my Google calendar.) It turns the lamp on again at sunset and then off at 9am to remind me it is time to stop working and spend time with family. It is amazing how this one visual reminder has made my life easier and helped me focus on goals.


Forbes has recognized IFTTT, the “mother of all mashups”.

What is IFTTT you ask?

IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. Basically, If you do ‘this’ then ‘that’ will happen. Using the apps that we all know and love we can have them to trigger specific responses. Using the  WeMo system with IFTTT we can set triggers like: When it is 60 degrees outside turn on the heater, or send me an email if the front door opens (this would be used with the Belkin WeMo + Motion system).

Now, without IFTTT Integration, Jamie Elgie the senior director of new platforms at Belkin told Forbes,”Belkin would have had to create dozens of one-on-one integrations itself. Even more challenging, it would have had to create an interface that included all those different possibilities. “There are users who really want to do a lot with this, and IFTTT enables us to unleash that creativity without messing up the interface for people who want to do simple stuff.” 

Every Friday you can see some of our favorite IFTTT recipes that might inspire you to create your own.

Read the full Forbes article

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