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  1. educationofali answered: HW forms: 1-why is it late 2- return date w/in one week 3- if it’s past the new date you receive no credit 4- sign and date
  2. mywildandpreciouslife13 answered: So now you know a possible reason for the lack of commitment by the pupil…P/T conference with the data. And smile
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    It was a low blow. Reach out and do all you can. Document but don’t give up.
  4. tnteacher answered: I speak to the parents about why their child is failing, and reiterate that with a change in the STUDENT behavior, the grade will change.
  5. teacherguy- answered: Its not about the organization or assignment sheets. The student can’t do one or all of the the work given. Sit the kid down and show no tel
  6. jacizzle answered: Get support from a dept head or principal. Explain that the kid has to put in the effort. If they have a problem direct them to your support.
  7. populationpensive answered: good advice. Don’t take it personally. They will never know your job and what you have to do.
  8. navigatingnerdom answered: Ignore and continue to do your best for the kid, it’s not his fault his parents are assholes.
  9. zeesmuse answered: I agree. Ask for a P/T conference and ask an admin to sit in. Parents like this one is really what makes our job hard.
  10. angrylittledad answered: Don’t give the parent the satisfaction of getting you riled up. They may think they “won” when you don’t respond, but they’re not worth it.
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  12. ms-h answered: Yeah that’s so rude. That’s what’s wrong with this world. Don’t respond. I’m sorry
  13. mrskaaay answered: I would ignore it. Responding could been seen as petty at best, unprofessional at worst. I would let it go.
  14. resultsofstaticcling answered: It’s so frustrating when parents attack the 1st year teacher…keep your head up and keep up the good work! You’re making a difference!
  15. apaulingml answered: The issues the child seems to be having are certainly ones that require home reinforcement. You can only do so much your end.
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  17. stitch-n-time answered: Keep copies of everything with dates they were created on them. Meet with the parents? Teachers can only build on a foundation laid at home.
  18. hithertokt answered: Ditto Tomes. Shake it off and keep doing what you’re doing; sounds like you’re already going the extra distance.
  19. tomes-away answered: Don’t respond. If the parent had a real concern, they’d call, email, or set up a conference. Ignore the passive-aggressiveness.
  20. retrobebe answered: You don’t. Keep doing what you do & document everything
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