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HTML5 Competition for Students

I’m an Adobe Education leader and just found out about this competition.

"The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) and Adobe wish to throw out a challenge your students so they might show their creative flair by submitting their best HTML animation work using Adobe Edge Animate.  The competition is called the HTML5-Off Challenge!  Registration cut off is Oct 20 and the work submission cut off is Nov 9. 

In the short term students will be required to use Edge Preview offered (free) out of Adobe Labs.  We understand that there may be lack of clarity around the availability of Preview past the noted date of expiry on Oct 24, but we wanted to reassure you that Adobe is committed to making the Adobe Edge Preview capabilities available to all students and faculty for at least 6 more months. More exciting news on this front to come shortly!

We hope you can find a way to slot this into your program as an additional project, or maybe in place of a similar project included in your coursework, to the benefit of the students. 

Prizes for the top three performing students include an Apple iPad, free annual subscriptions to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and of course having your work published!”

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