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100 Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark


Here’s a sample:

Teachers Domain: Create a free profile on this site and you will get access to hundreds of lessons with accompanying videos, photos and other media.

Meet Me at the Corner: This site offers students educational programming, book clubs, podcasting lessons and even virtual field trips–all great additions to lessons.

Videos for Personal Development: Check out this site for a listing of some truly great personal development videos that will help your general teaching skills as well as your technological knowledge. While you will find a great deal of video content that can be of use in the classroom, the real wealth of this site lies in the great personal development materials for teachers.

Teacher Tube: On this site, teachers can post their own educational videos and find videos made by others on virtually every topic out there. Visit this site to search through a great collection of educational content.

Edutopia: Sponsored by George Lucas, this site contains some great lesson plans as well as an assortment of lectures and inspiring videos.

100 video sites for teachers

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    Some of these sites I already use, but it’s always good to have more resources!
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