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Engaging Students Through Competitions, Contests and Code

Engaging Students Through Competitions, Contests and Code

Pat Yongpradit, a Microsoft Innovative Educator, is now Director of Education for He has a track record for helping girls become interested in STEM and programming. In this example, his student, Anh Vo, created a game for the Magic Cup Kodu Cup Challenge 2013. She created a game about cleaning waste water from factories to keep nearby villages safe.


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Project Based Learning with a Purpose with @mrgfactoftheday

Josh Gauthier has found creating apps to be engaging educational projects. Listen to how Josh took a chance on doing something new! His students created a useful mobile app for their high school that everyone uses.

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15+ Teaching Ideas to Get You Excited About Teaching

15+ Teaching Ideas to Get You Excited About Teaching

Our classrooms are full of ones. Not hundreds not hundreds of thousands – – not millions — but there are millions of ONEs. Each child is unique. Each child is an individual. So are you teachers! We don’t do all the things quite the same. I read a great quote from Beth Moore that represents teachers so well:

You don’t have to see eye to eye to be glad to be side by side.

Do you need some ideas for…

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Note Taking Skills for 21st Century Students

Note Taking Skills for 21st Century Students

Note taking skills aren’t just automatic. We tell students “take notes” but they have no idea what that means. What makes “good notes.” What do they write down? What should notes look like?

Every since I went through the Writing Across the Curriculum Course at my school I realized the tremendous gap between “writing” as we’ve taught it traditionally and 21st century writing skills. That…

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Drama in the Classroom Activities: 2 Examples with Bellringers

Drama in the Classroom Activities: 2 Examples with Bellringers

Get a costume box. Get some creativity. Do drama and learn! Here’s how.

I have a costume box in my room and it is AWESOME. This time of year is THE TIME I add to it because of all of the Halloween costumery out there. (Mark your calendar for the day after the event — you’ll pick up lots of goodies for almost nothing.)Include dry erase boards as they can have anything drawn on them and become…

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The H&R Block Budget Challenge: Giving Away Scholarships as Kids Learn Financial Literacy

The H&R Block Budget Challenge: Giving Away Scholarships as Kids Learn Financial Literacy

The H&R Budget Challenge will teach US kids aged 14 and up about real world financial skills as they compete to win scholarships & learn about money. Students need to understand financial skills but it is hard to teach these until students are out in the real world spending real money and making perhaps really lifechanging mistakes. That changes today.  Today the H&R Block Budget challengeis open…

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Text Message Abbreviations Field Guide (IM Speak for Adults)

Text Message Abbreviations Field Guide (IM Speak for Adults)

Do the text message abbreviations your children and grandchildren send leave you confused as a cow on astroturf? No more! While we shouldn’t use this in academic writing, learn to speak the IM (instant messaging) language to communicate with your kids.

Common Text Message Abbreviations
  • LOL – Laughing out loud (Recently a woman texted her daughter – “want you to know, Grandma just died. LOL.” Her…

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Chromebook Resource Center by Intel

Chromebook Resource Center by Intel

Do you have Chromebooks? These handy devices can do so many things in the classroom. Intel has put together a community for Chromebook users at There are already some powerful resource guides including the Ultimate Resource (by Naomi Harm), Chromebooks 101 (I wrote that one), Using Chromebooks in the Primary Grades (Erin Klein) and 12 Ways Chromebooks Remove Roadblocks to…

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Essential Information on Maker Movement

Essential Information on Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is everywhere. What is it? How do you “do” it? What is the difference between “maker space” “creation station” “genius hour” and all of these other terms? How can you decide what to do in your own classroom? Here are a few essential resources for you:

Reading About the Movement

My research is summarized in these two articles I wrote for Edutopia:

How the Maker Movement is…

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